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Mar 12, 2013

Check Please! - 089.1

I am really back on track creating new Chess Comic strips and I was creating a castling strip that mentions Check and I realized that I hadn't covered it yet. I had the strips roughed out and I was publishing them after castling, and that time is now.

Sorry about that.

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See you next time.

Scott Tingley

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Anonymous said...

There is no strip here. Is there supposed to be?

Scott T. said...

There will be one soon.

I realize now that I was not as clear as I wanted to be in my above comments: I realized too late that I should have included the check and mate strips before castling, but since I had already started publishing the castling strips I thought I would finish them before going back to include the check strips.

They check strips are all done and scanned in and will be posted shortly. Thanks for your patience everyone. I have made some organization mistakes in the past, but now that I am creating and posting regularly I have a better plan for strips.

EZacarias said...

hahahahahaha, I love the humor here =)

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