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Jan 24, 2010

Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail...No Wait! - 051

I can't believe how wrong I got the Bishop placement on panel 2. In my defense, I didn't actually mean that the B actually started where I have it on the board, just that the paths I show all stay on black. However, by the time I got to panel 3 I must have subconsciously figured it out. Or something like that.

See you next time.
Scott Tingley
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PE said...

Hi Scott! I didn't take the 2 panel as being a wrong. I just thought you were showing the movement of the Bishop : -)

Scott T. said...

That is what I was actually doing, but since I placed the bishop where it actually starts from in panel 3 I thought it could be perceived that I has put it in the wrong place in panel 2.

Oh well.

Thanks for the comment.

Scott T

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