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Jan 1, 2009

Welcome to the Chess Comic

Welcome to The Chess Comic: Learning Chess Through Comics. My goal with the comic is to take the information I have taught in the beginner and intermediate chess camps I have taught in the past and pass that on to my readers using the comic medium.

In my experience, kids and adults new to chess often forget the little things that make up the fundamentals of the game, and I thought having a visual cue for these things might come in handy. The goal is to go through the beginner basics (piece moves, piece values, etc.) and move on to the intermediate skills (openings, endgames, tactics, puzzles etc).

Maybe you are a young person interested in learning so you can play chess with your classmates. Maybe you are older and always wanted to learn, but could never get past how the pieces move. Maybe you are a teacher and want to be able to start a chess club. Or…Maybe you are tired of your ten year old beating you all the time.

[Update] The plan was to publish a new strip every week.  I went through a long stretch where I hardly published at all - but I am back on track, I just went by strip100 and I am on a roll.

The more you know about chess, the more fun it gets. Have more fun.

Scott Tingley - Creator, writer and illustrator of The Chess Comic

See you next time.
Scott Tingley
The Chess Comic © Scott Tingley 2008-09
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