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Dec 11, 2009

Please Stay Off The Grass - or - Touch Move - 048

I'm still having trouble with my home computer, but I found this comic I did months ago when I was toying around with computer lettering. If you are a regular reader (hello to you) you will notice how the look of the king and queen is different now (better looking, I hope).

See you next time.
Scott Tingley
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Callie Brady said...

Hope you get your computer working soon. Happy Holidays! I vote for the type in the third box.

pechesscast said...

XD good luck with the computer! Wishing you the best over the Holidays! P.S. Would you like a mention of this site in an up coming podcast? PE

Scott T. said...

Thanks to you both.

No computer really puts a damper on this whole comic thing. It will either be fixed soon or I will have to go with my (less desirable) alternative.

pechesscast, I would really apreciate a mention. Thanks.

Scott T

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