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Dec 1, 2009

Hey! Great Looking Site...But Haven't We Already Seen This One?

I am going through the perfect storm of not-getting-up-new-comic-ness: report cards due + main computer down with a virus, which means the scanner is down + did I mention that report cards are due?

Anyway, the drought should soon be over. I have an oficial Grand Opening coming up with five days of themed gag strips (I can't wait - I'm already giggling) and then on to new chess learnin'.

Thanks to Eric Dyck for the new design. It looks great!

See you next time.
Scott Tingley
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EZacarias said...

Chess rule: If there is a group walking in line, the last of the the line MUST tell when a car is coming! Yes, it is true! No, I am not lying =D

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