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May 7, 2009

Once I Was the King Of Spain - 026

And now I eat humble pie.

Poor, poor King

I'm still trying out different ways for adding lack to the strips besides using black pieces. Sometimes that isn't enough contrast.

See you next time.
Scott Tingley
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Rooks Bailey said...

Another great comic! When you're done explaining the rules, I hope you take this comic in a more generalized chess direction. You know, poking good fun at the players and such. :-)

jeronimo said...

yeah that would be great!!

Scott T. said...

One thing I plan to do is to keep introducing various features throughout the life of the strip: Silly ones like Chess at the Movies" and "Chess Jokes" and more useful ones like "Fun Facts" (which can go either way, actually) and "Famous Chess Players" (which I haven't done any of yet...because I still only know a couple famous chess players).

I think as I immerse myself more into the chess world (reading more than just beginner books, visiting and commenting on chess forums, etc) I will learn more about this world and strips will come to me.

For example, I have more obscure knowledge about legendary comic creators than I know what to do with. I spend way too much time reading and commenting on comic sites...all I have to do is spend some of that time on chess sites and I will have lots of obscure information about that as well.

What are the best/top chess sites out there? I visit and Chessville already.

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